Demistifying emotions in text with AI

Image is for demonstration purposes only and isn't the final product.

Image is demonstration Purposes only and is not the final product

How it Works?

Emotions are complicated. We experience all sorts of biases when texting and emotional which clouds our judgement. This can happen in relationships, friendships or even getting to know someone new. Which is why we should look at the data.


Our proprietary AI model analyzes all your past messages and texting behaviors as well as the other individuals to determine the flow of the conversation with our color overlay. This will tell you how much they like you, build a personality portfolio and suggest ways of texting to attract the other person.

Why it Works?

By analyzing past behavioral trends we can probabilistically determine how both you and the other person is and will feel based on the texts you send. Unlike us, Amity isn't biased as it is purely based on your own data, it will analyze your texting behaviors and identify common impulse triggers, emotional biases and warn you of them beforehand so you're able to maintain healthier relationships and become more understanding of others around you. Most of all, to make that person you're attracted to like you.

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